When do You Start Looking for Student Accommodation?

From freshers’ week to the final year of your postgraduate studies, finding somewhere comfortable and convenient to live might not instantly come to mind. However, to be in the right frame of mind for your degree, you’ll need to find some digs that allow you to revise, relax and enjoy your time at university.

Fortunately, Gillingham has many places for you to live throughout your degree, but if you’re experiencing a mix of fear and confusion about how to live away from home for the first time, what should you do? We at Student House Gillingham have all the answers in this handy guide to finding your home away from home.

The Cost of Student Accommodation in Gillingham 

Your budget will play a major part in determining what you can and can’t afford to rent. To figure out how much you can pay per week or per month for a property, it’s worth working out how much you expect to spend per month on all your essentials. They could include:

  • Food and drink
  • Entertainment
  • Travel - bus, train or petrol
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Textbooks

Then, you need to know how much money you’re likely to have coming in from your student loan and any part-time or freelance work you’re doing to supplement your income. Next, work out how much you’re likely to spend on each and then take the combined total from what’s going to come in each month. 

The remaining amount of money will show you how much you can afford to spend on renting a place, giving you a firm idea of what falls within your price range. From that point, you’ll need to know what you can get for your money in Medway.

Typically, private student accommodation in Gillingham is pretty cheap, even if it happens to be quite close to the town centre and all of its main attractions. You’ll be able to find a place that fits neatly within your budget, leaving you plenty of room for manoeuvre with all the essentials. 

Prices per person, per week tend to start at around the £100 mark in a house share, going up to £150+ for our flashier houses (with ensuites). 

Student Housing Made Easy

Now that we've explored various aspects like locations and expenses, the next step in this exciting journey is the actual selection of your ideal student residence. It's perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially if this marks your first foray into house hunting. However, rest assured that with the right guidance, choosing the perfect student accommodation becomes a straightforward and enjoyable process.

When considering your student housing, it's essential to reflect on your specific needs and preferences. Do you envision a location that offers convenient access to shops, the train station, and the gym? Alternatively, are you leaning towards a slightly more spacious abode a bit further from the bustling areas, or perhaps you'd like to reside in close proximity to your campus? Before making your decision, take ample time to contemplate these factors, and be sure to consult with your potential housemates.

We're here to make this process as seamless as possible, ensuring that you find a student property that truly suits your lifestyle and requirements.

Viewing Student Properties 

Selecting your first place to live as a student can be an exciting yet daunting process. Fortunately, there's no need to approach property viewings with apprehension; they serve as invaluable opportunities to assess potential residences and determine which accommodation aligns best with your university experience.

During a viewing, it is essential to meticulously inspect each room within the property to ensure there are no unforeseen surprises upon moving in. Take note of the decor to confirm it suits your preferences and, most importantly, assess whether you can envision yourself comfortably residing there.

When scheduling a viewing, it's advisable to have all prospective housemates present. This eliminates the need for multiple viewings due to conflicting schedules and allows everyone to express their satisfaction with the property. This approach ensures you make an informed decision and provides a comprehensive perspective on whether the property aligns with your collective needs.

Feel free to inquire about any uncertainties during the viewing process. You can seek clarification on various aspects, including:

  1. Safety measures – inquire about the location of fire and smoke alarms.
  2. Maintenance services – ask about our cleaning and gardening services.
  3. Inspection schedules.
  4. Rent variations for different room sizes within the property.
  5. Additional charges, particularly for emergency repairs.
  6. Parking options, whether on the street or in a designated driveway.
  7. Access to public transportation, such as buses.
  8. Policies for accommodating visitors, including friends and parents for overnight stays.

Remember, no question is too insignificant when it comes to evaluating your potential future home. Our team member conducting the tour will provide you with comprehensive and transparent answers to all your inquiries. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities as you embark on this exciting journey of finding the perfect student accommodation.

International Students Letting in Gillingham

International students looking for accommodation in Medway (and elsewhere in the UK) will need to do the following before coming here to rent a property:

  • Apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa if from a country outside of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland - you can do so via the GOV.UK website
  • Obtain enough money to support yourself throughout your study, be it in the form of a loan, grant or any cash you’ve earned before moving to the UK
  • If you don’t need to apply for a student visa, you do need a valid passport from an EU state or one from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • Apply for a student loan through the correct channels - EU students can get one directly from their university 
  • All International students will need to apply and secure a valid Guarantor Company before any tenancy is issued and pay any due rent balance before moving in. We recommend YourGuarantor who is affiliated directly with the Universities of Medway. Alternatively, paying the entire rent in advance will mean a Guarantor is not needed.

As for finding a property, it’s essential to have your passport handy, as well as any other paperwork that proves that you are you and are eligible to study and live here for the duration of your course. Then, you can start looking for a place to call home!

Looking for a place of your own isn’t all plain sailing; there is going to be a little bit of paperwork involved! Fortunately, with our help, you can find a property that’s clean, safe, affordable and convenient in next to no time, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s important - getting that degree that will set you on your way towards getting that dream job.

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